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Lab In Every Lesson
Lisa Karosas

We're creating a community of aspiring and established science teachers.

Join us as we explore student-centered science instruction.

About Your Host, Lisa

The lessons and learning resources I've prepared and posted in my Teachers Pay Teachers store represent a labor of love, tons of trial and error as well as relentless research over ten years time.   I created my blog to share how each of them was conceived, how each fits into the larger curriculum and why each component of each lesson is critical to continuous student success.  

I created this community to inspire other science teachers to adopt a growth mindset in their classroom, try new instructional strategies, more quickly overcome the struggles I endured, and get continued support, myself, for the obstacles I continue to face.

Why You Should Join Us

This professional learning community of like-minded educators will be richer and more beneficial than any PD you've ever experienced!  Here, you'll be able to:  

  • learn from and comment on the experiences I'll share through regular articles and video examples.
  • enroll in workshops to get focused coaching on various aspects of student-centered instructional design for science classrooms.
  • interact with science teachers from around the world.
  • swap stories, experiences, and ideas related to creating and executing superior, innovative, student-centered learning experiences for your science students.
  • find inspiration and expert perspective each and every day.

It's about supporting one another to fulfill our individual missions in the classroom. 

Whenever you're stuck, consider this a place to vent about an impossible lesson.  If you've just taught the best lesson ever (!) visit here to share all the nitty gritty details so we learn from you . . . or simply celebrate with us!  

We can't wait to hear from YOU!

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