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I'm Lisa, creator of Lab In Every Lesson.

Upon earning a graduate degree in chemistry in 2006, I entered the workforce only to realize that lab life wasn't for me.  In 2010, I finished another graduate degree -- this time, in curriculum and instruction -- and began working as a second-career science teacher for a cyber charter school in Pennsylvania.  I've worked remotely, from my home, for this school ever since.

Nine of those years were spent trying to figure out how to be the teacher I wanted to be in a learning environment that was so new, so different, and with such unique challenges.  Though student-centered learning was always at the heart of my intentions, l leaned on and tried to continually tweak basic lecture and questioning strategies.  

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, I was beyond frustrated.  Engagement was so bad that students barely said "hello" when they joined class, and I felt like I was reading a script three times a day.  I couldn't ... I wouldn't do it another year.  

I spent that summer studying and emerged with a plan to make the switch to active, student-centered learning which involved creating an entirely new curriculum of lessons and assessments.  I now sell these resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and I started a blog to share how the decision to make this transformation saved my teaching career and inspire others to do the same. 

You Can Make The Switch to Student-Centered Learning Faster and Easier Than I Did!

This professional learning community of like-minded educators will be richer and more beneficial than any PD you've ever experienced!  

Here, you'll be able to:  

  • meet and exchange ideas with other science teachers from around the world
  • enroll in professional development programs that will prompt you to reflect on your practice, set new goals, and implement something new.
  • find inspiration and expert perspective each and every day.

It's just as much about supporting one another to fulfill our collective mission as it about gaining the knowledge we need to transform our individual classrooms.

Actionable Content At Your Fingertips

Explore one or more of several professional development programs:

  • Teach The Scientific Method Everyday START HERE!  Enroll in this FREE MINI-COURSE to be coached through a reflection on your current teaching practice, set goals that would reflect those of the teacher you always wanted to be, and learn some strategies for making those career dreams become reality.  
  • Planning A Lab In Every Lesson:  A comprehensive course designed to expose the critical pedagogy required to execute active, student-centered learning in any science classroom, you'll create a new lesson plan as you work through each video in seven modules.  Then, you'll learn exactly how to differentiate it for specific grade levels or student populations.   
  • Learning From Every Lesson With a basic framework in hand, do you learn better from examples?  In this ongoing membership, Lisa dissects one interactive science lesson over four weeks to focus on various aspects of instruction each week.  In weekly live meetings, she'll explain how and why each lesson was assembled, provide possibilities for its differentiation, call attention to the inclusion of critical disciplinary literacy skills, and lead short-courses on how to use technology in a meaningful way.     She'll prompt discussion and solicit the group for ideas about alternative activities and delivery strategies as a community of like-minded science teachers grows in both skill and sentiment.   
  • Delivering A Lab In Every Lesson If you're only exploring student-centered learning and want to know how to create and lead that classroom culture OR you've been through the planning course and now you're ready to put your amazing lesson plans to work, this short course will provide you with the valuable perspective while underscoring the need for thorough, intentionally-designed, interactive science lesson plans. It also surveys two very useful cloud-based delivery software programs, SeeSaw and BookWidgets.


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