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a community for collaboration among science teachers seeking to ditch lecture and love their lessons


I'm Lisa, creator of Lab In Every Lesson.

Upon earning a graduate degree in chemistry in 2006, I entered the workforce only to realize that lab life wasn't for me.  In 2010, I finished another graduate degree -- this time, in curriculum and instruction -- and began working as a second-career science teacher for a cyber charter school in Pennsylvania.  I've worked remotely, from my home, for this school ever since.

Nine of those years were spent trying to figure out how to be the teacher I wanted to be in a learning environment that was so new, so different, and with such unique challenges.  Though student-centered learning was always at the heart of my intentions, l leaned on and tried to continually tweak basic lecture and questioning strategies.  

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, I was beyond frustrated.  Engagement was so bad that students barely said "hello" when they joined class, and I felt like I was reading a script three times a day.  I couldn't ... I wouldn't do it another year.  

I spent that summer studying and emerged with a plan to make the switch to active, student-centered learning which involved creating an entirely new curriculum of lessons and assessments.  I now sell these resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and have developed programs to share with teachers how the decision to make this transformation saved my teaching career with the intent of inspiring them to do the same. 

You Can Make The Switch to 

Student-Centered Learning 

Faster and Easier Than I Did!

This professional learning community of like-minded educators will be richer and more beneficial than any PD you've ever experienced!  

Here, you'll be able to:  

  • meet and exchange ideas with other science teachers from around the world
  • enroll in professional development programs that will prompt you to reflect on your practice, set new goals, and implement something new.
  • find inspiration and expert perspective each and every day.

It's just as much about supporting one another to fulfill our collective mission as it about gaining the knowledge we need to transform our individual classrooms.

Actionable Content At Your Fingertips

Explore the professional development programs currently available:

  • The Lab In Every Lesson Community:  This free community is open to all science teachers looking for a place to connect, share, learn, and grow.  Free content and tools are shared regularly.
  • The Active Learning Laboratory  In this membership, science teachers are empowered through a reflection on their current teaching practice to help them develop goals.  From there, science teachers are educated as they research ALL THE THINGS that make adopting student-centered learning a complete culture shift.  Finally, science teachers are equipped with tools that will help them prepare lesson plans which seemlessly integrate student-centered pedagogical principles as they reinvent their instruction and re-engineer a future for their classroom. With new, on-demand content added monthly and regular opportunities for live Q&A, this program helps teachers to increase student interest and engagement in a way that also leaves the teachers, themselves, feeling happy and fulfilled at the end of each school day. It costs only $7/month, and teachers can opt-in at any time.
  • The Digital Instructional Design Studio:  This program supports teachers maintain a student-centered classroom culture by designing and delivering interactive science lessons using free, technology-based activities that facilitate active learning through inquiry and practice.  Active learning isn't sustainable for science teachers if they have to spend hours of effort or work through loads of logistics each week prepping hands-on props and manipulatives to lead their lessons.  Here, science teachers learn to define learning objectives that students can measure themselves, design interactive learning experiences that require the critical disciplinary literacy skill of data-dependent analysis, and determine how best to activate and integrate prior knowledge before the lesson even begins. They will gain clarity on using content area standards (even the NGSS!), mastering formative assessment, and tailoring instruction for individuals and small groups to ensure the success of every student. In a dynamic environment of like-minded peers, science teachers can have their lessons reviewed weekly for specific feedback, gain access to planning tools like cheat sheets, outlines, checklists, and flowcharts, and look forward to new, on-demand trainings each month. It's like attending conference workshops from the comfort of your home, on your timetable, at a fraction of the cost ... OR ... working with your organization's instructional coach without the reporting back to administrators on your progress or performance. It costs $39/month, but is only opened to new cohorts of participants a few times each year. A certification option which, once achieved, awards teachers ongoing, lifetime access to the programs, will be made available.